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Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. It is ok to ask for help, partnering alongside people that have been down the same road. Whether it is a consultation or a complete design-build contract, we are here to help you choose the best path to take. The experts at Omnicoustics have been on both sides of the table and have collectively worked in every facet of production and design. From front of house, stage, video trucks and recording studios, we have a wide variety of talents and skills to help serve you and your team.

Our Services


Audio Design

A premium audio system is one that is capable of handling a variety of events and services, but this does not have to come with a premium price tag. Many companies over-engineer their systems causing more problems in the long run. With the top equipment lines available, our elite engineering team can design a system that is customizable.


Do not compromise a great room and sound system by having a lack of acoustic treatment. Good acoustics are an essential component in any public speaking environment. Quality acoustical treatments, ceiling systems, and wall surfaces should all be coordinated with our team in order to ensure that your investment will perform at its highest level.

Stage Design

Bring the message to your audience. A stage can be a cold and dark place. Let us build an environment that immerses the listener and engages the audience into what is happening in front of their eyes. A stage design can be built from several different components, including sets, truss, lighting, props and video elements. Allowing for flexibility is a key component in today’s modern stage environments.

Lighting Design

Very few things look good in the dark. Theatrical lighting can enhance any environment and bring out features and elements in unique and special ways. Lighting design combines quality key lighting with effect/show lighting to create a balanced look and feel that compliments your style. More and more clients are taking advantage of LED offerings in order to save in the replacement of expensive bulbs and HVAC costs over time. Let us help you retrofit your existing systems or design a new one that meets your needs.

Video Design

Video is now an all inclusive word for anything from projection to LED walls. Video infrastructure can include cameras, swithers, IT/computer networks, and solid state recording. All of these elements can be intimidating in a world that seems to be changing constantly from format to format. Omnicoustics focuses on designs that can withstand the test of time. And the individual utilizing the gear is just as important as the gear itself. We can help you coordinate systems and procedures that work in both volunteer and professional environments.


Getting your message out to the world is as important as what is happening within your walls. The people watching from afar should still have a great experience that leaves them wanting to return each week regardless of where they live. In order to truly make your online experience a viable alternative to the real thing, you have to consider all parts and pieces that are needed. Omnicoustics can help you map out several different live stream options that will work best for your team.

Studio Broadcast

The ability to create and edit your own content is something that an organization of any size and experience level can achieve. Having decades of experience in both audio and video studios, the Omnicoustics design engineers can assist you in a workflow that will help you maximize the talents of your team. Whether it is a television broadcast studio with state of the art equipment or the back of an office with a green screen, you can begin to build essentials to get you where you want to be.

System Tuning

Just turning everything on is not enough. Any system should be treated like a high performance engine. It has to be tuned and tweaked frequently in order to perform at its peak. Even an existing system needs some attention from time to time. If you have not been happy with the audio in your room, consider contacting Omnicoustics for a consultation.


A robust IT backbone is a necessity in today's connected environments. Automation is a critical component in the operation and functionality of your facility. Control panels, web portals, content management, and seemingly every piece of equipment in your building can talk to each other through a variety of ways. Let Omnicoustics assist you in getting all the parts and pieces of your systems connected.


If you cannot find the power button, the fanciest of systems is worthless. Omnicoustics places a higher priority on training than any other company in the industry. Our process is to understand who you are and who your team is and then provide a multitude of training opportunities that will give you the tools needed for success from week to week. Omnicoustics will also help you identify key personnel and serving opportunities that you need to consider before your project is complete.

Omnicoustics combines industry-leading expertise with a passion for developing unique audio, video, lighting and technology solutions