Cedar Crest Church

Project Spotlight

Cedarcrest Church, Ackworth, GA

Omnicoustics has partnered with Cedarcrest Church on multiple occasions to provide solutions for the church’s various audio, lighting, video, and technology needs. From overhauling their house lighting and adding theatrical grade dimming bulbs to installing switchers, routers, and broadcast cameras, our team has constantly strived to achieve the church’s goals with innovative solutions. Cedarcrest Church is always finding new ways to make their worship service engaging and impactful. For instance, Omnicoustics recently worked with the church to enable their ProPresenter system to send signals to their LED lyric strip wall, which not only created an impressive visual during worship services, but also is expandable as their needs change. We love partnering with churches like Cedarcrest because it gives us opportunities to find creative, powerful solutions to make visions come to life. 

Project Services